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Emerald Mountain HOA
ARB Guidelines and Forms

We recognize that the quality of location, pleasant aesthetics, and a range of amenities are the trademark for an enjoyable living environment. It is with this in mind that the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has developed these guidelines to insure that tasteful and aesthetically attractive architectural and landscape design will be consistently incorporated into the Emerald Mountain residential concepts.

These guidelines are to be utilized by the lot owners in the design and construction phase of all modifications to any homeowner's property. This shall include, but not be limited to: patios, home additions, detached garages, fencing, storage buildings, boat sheds, parking pads, swimming pools, and exterior color changes. These guidelines do not purport to necessarily include all building, use, and other deed restrictions associated with the residential portions of the Emerald Mountain Subdivision, and, accordingly, each lot owner should familiarize themselves with the provisions of the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions as set out in the recorded plats of the residential portions of the Emerald Mountain Community and with the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of the Emerald Mountain Homeowners Association, Inc.

The inclusion of any guideline or recommendation herein shall not preclude the ARC's right to approve or disapprove any proposed improvement, for any reason.

There is no fee for submitting an application to the ARC. The homeowner shall obtain an ARC approved application prior to beginning construction on a proposed improvement. Doing so will prevent any need to modify the improvement at a later date in an effort to meet ARC approval.

Each application shall be filled out with name, address, plat number, and phone number of the homeowner. The homeowner shall also include a copy of the property (preferably a boundary survey as supplied in mortgage closing documents or available on the recorded plat at the county courthouse) with the location of the alteration shown and noted.

The lot owner shall submit designs of the intended alteration/additions to the ARC at least 30 days prior to planned construction start date. Submittal for approval should include the information listed in the application. When appropriate to convey design intention, a sketch of the elevation(s), or photograph or other means of showing design, shall be attached for aesthetic review. If necessary, the homeowner shall furnish other information, data and drawings as may be reasonably requested by the ARC.

Site Standards
(1) Maintenance: Each lot and all trees, shrubs, grass and plantings thereon shall be maintained properly and free of trash and debris.
(2) Landscaping: Each lot owner is required to keep his or her lot in good repair and in a well-kept condition. Should any lot owner fail to do so, after reasonable notification, the ARC may perform said work at the expense of the lot owner, with the cost of same becoming an indebtedness of the lot owner to the Association and to be treated as any other assessment.
(3) Sight-Lines: No fence, wall, hedge or shrub planting which obstructs sight-lines at elevations between two and six feet above the roadways shall be placed and permitted to remain on any corner lot within that triangular area formed by the street property line connecting them at points twenty-five feet from the corner intersection of said street lines. The same sight-line limitations shall apply on any lot within ten feet from the intersection of a street property line with the edge of a driveway pavement. No fence will be allowed to be placed closer than 40' of any walking/nature trail easement. No tree shall be permitted to remain within such distances, areas or such intersections unless the foliage line is maintained at a sufficient height to prevent obstruction of such sight lines.
(4) Carports and Garages: Placement and type must be approved by the ARC.
(5) Recreational Vehicles: No boat, boat trailer, house trailer, horse trailer, trailer, camper, motor home or any similar items shall be stored on any lot for a period of time in excess of twenty-four (24) hours, unless the same are housed in a carport or garage, or parked beyond the rear line of the home constructed on subject lot and otherwise screened so that said item can not be seen from any adjoining street or the adjacent and surrounding property, and any such parking facility or area must receive prior approval of the ARC.
(6) Fences: All fence design, heights, placement, and materials to be used must be approved by the ARC in writing. Chain link, vinyl, and painted wood fences are not acceptable materials except where concealed by an approved privacy fence.
(7) Parking and Driveways: Parking pads and driveways must be paved with concrete or masonry aggregate composition or other materials approved by the ARC. In the event that additional parking pad or driveway crosses drainage ditch, additional drainage pipe and headwalls shall be provided. There shall be no extruding pipes beyond the head walls and the head walls shall be constructed of brick and shall be perpendicular to ground level and shall extend no higher than one brick above the top surface of the driveway which it services. All drainpipes must be installed in accordance with plans and specifications as approved by the ARC and in accordance with professional engineering practices, in order not to restrict the flow of surface water drainage. Minimum drainpipe size may be established by the ARC and each lot owner shall be required to adhere to such minimum standards.
(8) Commercial Trucks: No commercial truck, commercial vehicle, commercial equipment or school buses shall be permitted to be parked or to be stored at any place on subject property, except that personal vans, cars, station wagons, or pickup trucks used in an individual's business, shall be permitted. This prohibition on parking and storage shall not apply to temporary parking of trucks and/or commercial vehicles used for pick up and delivery or construction purposes.
(9) Vehicle Maintenance and Repair: No vehicle maintenance or repair shall be performed on any vehicles upon any portions of the subject property, unless performed in a garage, except in an emergency situation. All repairs to disabled vehicles must be completed within twenty-four hours from its immobilization or the vehicle must be removed (towed to a repair shop). The Homeowner's Association shall be allowed to maintain and store its maintenance vehicles, if applicable, on specific areas of the common property as necessary for the operation and maintenance of the common areas of the subdivision.
(10) Air Conditioning Units and Solar Collectors: No wall or window air conditioning units nor solar collectors shall be permitted except with the prior written consent of the ARC.
(11) Pipes and Clotheslines: No water pipes, gas pipes, sewer pipes, drainage pipes or clotheslines may be installed or maintained on the property so as to be visible from adjoining property or public view except hoses and movable pipes used for temporary irrigation purposes.
(12) Machinery: No machinery shall be placed on or operated upon any portion of the subject property except such machinery as is normal and usual in the maintenance of a private residence, or except as is necessary during the original construction of a residence or a major renovation or improvement thereto.
(13) Mailboxes: The original Architectural Review Board has established a common design and color for all mailboxes. If an existing mailbox is damaged and needs replacement, the homeowner shall contact the Homeowner's Association for the name and phone number of an approved contractor/salesperson to aid in replacement. Each homeowner is encouraged to maintain their mailbox by painting it at an appropriate time interval. The homeowner shall contact the Homeowner's Association for the name of the approved color and a location for its purchase.

These standards are not and shall not be considered as all-inclusive. Instead, they are supplemental and in addition to the Declaration of Protective Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Emerald Mountain as reflected in the plats of the residential areas thereof.

Building Standards
(1) Garages, Carports and Out Buildings: No separate garages or out buildings or auxiliary structures of any kind or nature (except garden or ornamental landscape structures) shall be erected or allowed to occupy any portion of any lot, except that portion of the lot in the rear of the residence. No fences, building structures, garden or ornamental landscape structures or other ancillary structures or things shall be placed within the easement areas for the nature riding and walking trails. Such easement areas shall at all times be kept clear and shall be maintained clear by the owners. Any such structure, including fences must be approved in writing by the ARC. Placement, design, types of materials to be used, and finished colors must also be approved in writing by the ARC.
(2) Exterior Colors: All changes to exterior colors must be approved by the ARC prior to installation. Sample, or color chips must be submitted to ARC for written approval.

Other Standards
These standards are not and shall not be considered as all-inclusive. Instead, they are supplemental and in addition to the Declaration of Protective Covenants, Conditions and Restriction for Emerald Mountain as reflected in the plats of the residential areas thereof.

Time Restrictions and Limitations
Construction of improvements shall be performed in the time limits defined on the application. Should any lot owner fail to do so, after reasonable notification, the ARC may perform said work at the expense of the lot owner, with the cost of same becoming an indebtedness of the lot owner to the Association and to be treated as any other assessment.

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