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CC&R's - Is that a 60's Rock Band?
Emerald Mountain has been thoughtfully planned and carefully created to celebrate the very best of what home and community should be.  Whether during the construction of your home or just prior to closing, you should have received a copy of the Emerald Mountain Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.  CC&R's are simply the rules which outline the dos and don'ts by which you and your neighbors must live as it pertains to your property.  This document is critical to you because it is a legal contract binding you, the owner, and your prescribed land use as a resident in Emerald Mountain. (Including mandatory HOA Dues payment)   Understanding these rules up front can prevent confusion and misunderstanding between you and your neighbors, the HOA Management Board, and the Property Manager (HOA/PM.)
Top Covenant Violations in Emerald Mountain
"Bad Moon Rising"
Please review the information contained in the Emerald Mountain web site for additional Covenant information. 
1. Trailers, boats, RV parking "I fear rivers overflowing"
      Boats, trailers, RVs may not be stored on any lot in excess of 24 hours.  If your boat, trailer or RV, whether covered with a tarp or not, can be seen above your privacy fence, it must be relocated. 
2.   Residential parking   "Doo Doo Doo....Looking out my back door"
            Parking - either on the street or on the grass to accommodate those living in your home is prohibited.  No vehicle shall be parked on the street in excess of 24 hours.  Vehicles shall not be parked on the grass.  This provision provides that the owner of each lot shall provide parking space adequate for the use of the occupants of the residence, OFF THE PUBLIC STREETS, and PARKING ON THE STREET IN THE FRONTS OF THE RESPECTIVE HOUSES IS PROHIBITED, except for temporary parking.  It is reasonable to expect parking on the street (but not on the grass) when you have guests and visitors at your home and parking on the street is necessary.  However, continuously parking on the street or grass to accommodate occupants of your residence is prohibited.
Gardening Tip!
Do you want to prevent those unsightly spring weeds from your lawn?  You should consider an application of a pre-emergent.  Pre-emergent herbicides are designed application before the targeted weed germinates, and are an effective preventative method for controlling weeks. Pre-emergents establish a chemical barrier that will not kill established plants, but will prevent weeds from successfully.  Use required proper timing to be effective - apply very early in the season (now).  
Bottom line, if you don't want to mow early spring weeds, don't let 'em sprout!
Please Do Not Burn
PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE COVENANTS OF EMERALD MOUNTAIN PROHIBIT THE BURNING OF REFUSE AT YOUR RESIDENCE.  Burning of yard waste or trash is not permitted in Emerald Mountain.  Please make plans dispose of yard waste in a proper manner.  Schedule yard projects with County-Wide Clean-Up dates in mind, (The truck is at the Equestrian Center the second Saturday of each month) consider composting to create nutrient rich material for your flowers and shrubs, or carry waste to an approved waste facility.  Your neighbors will be thankful!