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Community Complex Survey Results
Thank you to everyone who returned a survey. The following is a summary of the results of the survey of Emerald Mountain residents regarding new community facilities.
Click here to see a spreadsheet of the survey results.
In Short:
  • Of 600 residents, 223 returned surveys; about 33% of those sent out...the other 67% were not returned
  • Means 67% were either not interested in facilities, or in returning surveys...we\'ll never know
  • 33 of 223 returned surveys saying they didn\'t want any new facilities
  • Of the 223 who returned the surveys, the highest desire was 59% who wanted a Fitness Center
  • 59% of 33% is not a majority of Emerald Mountain Residents...not near 51% of residents
Right now, not enough support to commit to a Fitness Center or Outdoor pool (#2 in survey), since beyond the roughly $600 per family one-time-fee (fitness center only) there would be HOA funds to sustain. 
HOWEVER, the HOA Board now has a list of other projects that they can budget and plan for to accomplish in the coming year.  If someone new buys the Golf Course, the HOA can show them interest in the facilities they might add to a new Country Club.  Also, I will approach the county about a bike/walking path on Ware Road and the Board will get bids on a Walking Track in the old arena area.  I guess that\'s some progress for all 100%.  Thanks to those who responded.
Mike Hagen