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Emerald Mountain HOA

We need your help!  Some residents use nearby vacant lots as an area to deposit their yard clippings and shrubbery cuttings.  The HOA Management Board has received many complaints regarding this issue.  The most frequent complaint is the unsightliness of the deposits, especially around the trees, etc. 
We ask that you do not use these vacant areas for this purpose.  These deposits impede mowing and the shrubbery cuttings must be removed by the mowing contractor, incurring additional removal charges.  And, it encourages others to dump too.
We now have a countywide refuse truck at the Equestrian Center each month.  This is a convenient place to dispose of this type material.  
The Protective Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Emerald Mountain provide:
“There shall be no dumping, throwing or placing of any type of grass, trash, rocks, dirt, limbs, or other type of refuse on any vacant lot within the subdivision. Each respective lot owner shall be responsible for the collection and disposal of such items and material at an appropriate place outside of the subdivision but not on any vacant portions of the subdivision.”
Those identified as placing their yard refuse in the park will be invoiced for removal charges.
Also, if you can identify anyone from outside your area that may be dumping their refuse in the area, (such as landscape maintenance crews) please contact us immediately so we may take appropriate action.
Thank you for your assistance, support and cooperation in helping keep Emerald Mountain a beautiful and desirable place to live and play!